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Healing Spirit

"We can all benefit from the gift that is universal energy."

Amanda Contreras

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My name is Amanda Contreras and I was born and raised in a Catholic family in Southern California. The moment I was conceived I had a Guardian Angel keeping me safe.

When I was 2 years I was wrought with many life altering challenges that could have resulted in my passing. The Summer of 1980 while playing in the tree in my front yard I was bit on the cheek by a brown recluse spider. This was something that should've left me disfigured but miraculously my body healed without any scarring .

That fall I caught meningitis, and fell into a coma. Extreme measures were taken to save my life, yet no medical treatments altered my condition. On the 3rd day of the coma, my grandmother, an appointed Lector in the Catholic Church, prayed at my bedside. During her prayer she began speaking in tongue, her prayers were answered, invoking a Devine Blessing upon me.

That day I woke up.

It was that experience that destined me to become a spiritual healer. I had to relearn basic motor skills including speaking and walking. Through out the years I was consistently told my energy would radiate at such a frequency it brought those around me to a higher vibration. As a teen, my peers would come to me seeking advice for life and intrapersonal issues knowing somehow I’d have the right answer. It wasn't until my 20's that I started really exploring energy work and my ability to see and heal.

About me

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As I studied Astral Projection, Dimensional Energy, and Qigong (Chi-Gong) I learned that this was just the beginning of my own spiritual journey.

In 2006, I started actively working as a Pranic Healer through the teachings of Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, the Founder of Pranic Healing.

In 2008, I, along side fellow healers, hosted community healings at a local church in my area. Soon I learned that the power of healing was in demand. People were in need of help. Help that they were not getting from traditional medicine.

My clients ranged from all ages and demographics .They have suffered from chronic illnesses, physical wellness, mental fatigues such as P.T.S.D., emotional duress and spiritual exhaustions.

With almost 20 years of experience, my angels have given me this wonderful ability to see things differently my entire life to which I am sharing with you. My journey is ever changing, my spirit adapting and overcoming any obstacles. I am right where I need to be.

Each of us has a gift to give, mine is expanding and healing those around me so that they can start living the life they choose to deliberately create.

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Spiritual Healing, Physical Healing, Emotional Healing, Relationship Healing, Career/Life Coaching, Law of Attraction, Scripting .

To book an appointment



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Specializations and Pricing


Healing sessions are $175 a session and take between 30 min- 60 min depending on the severity of the issue. Everyone is different.

This is for acute pain such as headaches, backaches,

joint pain, mild allergies, etc.

If you request a remote session, travel fees will apply.

Healing sessions can be bought in packages:

5 sessions- $750

10 sessions- $1750

Chronic Illness and Psychotherapy issues can take take anywhere from 10-15 sessions for mild cases. Severe cases will require more attention and time depending on the clients state of being.

For best results sessions should be booked 2-3 times a week.

Intuitive Guidance

Intuitive Guidance sessions are for Emotional, Spiritual and Relationship Healing.Examples of this could be martial issues, self worth conflicts, grief,trauma or loss.

Intuitive Guidance Sessions are bought in packages.

-5 sessions for $2,500

-10 sessions for $4,500

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You may be asked to

purchase products to help with your personal spiritual journey.

Items can include :Sage Bundles,

Pillow Satchels,

Crystals and Journals

Dried Flowers and Candles


All products are the sole vision of Amanda's with the guidance of her angels to heal and bring prosperity, good fortune and good health.

Candles: All candles are made with love, energy and universal elements to create an incredible environment of peace and happiness.

Alternative medicine : Essential Oil Sprays for Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, PTSD, Focus, Clarity, Peace and Joy are also available.

What to expect

During your sessions, Amanda will listen to and assess your situation, scan your chakras and proceed to work on what is necessary for you to heal. Through out your appointment, Amanda may get messages from her angels guiding her towards the best path for your transformation. They mostly speak in fleeting images and questions which she may or may not ask you directly. Every session is customized to address your issue and achieve your desired outcome.

"Do what is healing to your spirit and without effort, you will bring healing to the world."

Alan Cohen

Cancellation Policy: All appointments require a $50 non refundable deposit that will be credited towards your booked session. This is to ensure you respect my time as well as your own. Reschedules are only allowed within 24 hours of appointment.